May 11, 2019

Melissa + Scott | IL Beachfront Engagement Session

6 years ago, Melissa + Scott were both working at a grocery store when a mutual friend set them up! They said it was pretty much love at first sight and they've been head over heels for each other ever since. They got engaged in Sedona in January 2019. Melissa said, "we hiked what seemed like a never-ending trail with craaaaaaaaaazy altitudes. Once we got to the top, Scott popped the question on a cliff and surprised the hell out of me! It was the most romantic thing in the world. It was the easiest yes!! After, I almost dropped the ring down the cliff while admiring it and Scott's heart sank, we caught it and it hasn't moved off this finger since." These two are hilarious omg. I loved hearing about their proposal story! We did their session at a beach because they absolutely love being by water. In the middle of shooting I told them that they were giving me "The Last Song" vibes and Melissa freaked out and said she's obsessed with Nicolas Sparks so it was pretty perfect! I asked what their favorite things about each other are and I have to share their answers! Scott said his favorite thing about Melissa is, "her sense of humor. She's always finding new ways to make me laugh and helping me live my life to the fullest. On my toughest days she is the only one that can snap me out of that. Lissa has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met and to be loved by her is truly a one of a kind experience. The day she said "yes" was the greatest day of my life." And Melissa said her favorite thing about Scott is, "his optimism and outlook on life. He's the brightest person I've ever met (no exaggeration here one bit), and always looks on the positive side of things. He is just a lover of life and makes all things great. He just gets me. He's always been one of my best supporters as well. He's just a person full of positive energy that I love and adore and that I know I would never be able to live without. He inspires me every single day." They are the cutest and I am obsessed with them! I cannot wait for their wedding next fall of 2020 YAY!

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