August 28, 2018

Marley + Josiah | In-Home Maternity Session

When Marley + Josiah asked me to do an in-home maternity session for them.. I immediately said YES! This is their first home that they bought not that long ago and it is the home they will be bringing baby Saxe too! In-home sessions are awesome because they are comfortable, cozy and relaxed! So Marley and Josiah first met in 2013 on Instagram. After a few weeks of FaceTiming, Marley drove from MI to PA to finally meet Josiah in person and things moved pretty quickly after that. Within a year and a half, he had gotten picked up by the FAA and moved to OKC for training. After he passed training, he had been placed in Houston, Texas and it was a no brainer that Marley would be going too along with their two pups - Dexter and Zoey! Within 3 years of being in Texas together they got engaged, married, bought a home and renovated it and now they are expecting their first baby in October 2018! Marley told me that "life is moving so fast I can hardly keep up but we are beyond excited to be parents. The day I found out, I was so shocked and I called Josiah at work immediately and started crying. They were happy tears, scared tears and just about every emotion possible. Josiah came home from work right away and held me and we just looked at each other like 'woah this is really happening!' We are so excited to become parents and show our baby girl the world, watch her grow and teach her new things every day. She has already made our lives so full of love, we can only imagine the amount of joy she will bring into our lives once she is here in our arms." This little girl is already so loved by many here in Houston and we all can't wait until to meet her! Congratulations to these two lovebirds, they will make amazing parents!

“Hayley is such a fun yet professional photographer! We had our maternity pictures taken by her and I couldn’t possibly love them any more than I do! She did such a wonderful job from start to finish. She tells you exactly what little games to play or techniques to make you look natural when in reality you’re the most awkward human alive in front of a camera!! She delivered our gallery very fast and with so many good photos! I can’t wait to have her do more of our pictures in the future!!!” - Marley & Josiah

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