March 24, 2019

Deiliz + Trenton | IL North Ave Beach Engagement Session

So Deiliz found me through Instagram and we connected right away!! I was so excited to finally meet these two in person for their engagement session after talking so much over email. They live in Wisconsin but wanted to do their session in Chicago because they've shared a lot of special moments there! It was such a rainy day but we decided to go for it!! We ended up doing the session just running and playing around in the rain and it was so much fun! I love how Deiliz and Trenton met because they are high school sweet hearts ahhh! Deiliz said, "I was a junior and Trent was a senior. I remember like it was yesterday.. it was the first day of school when I walked into homeroom. I sat down and right across from me there he was.. sitting there just smiling! I will never forget that moment." My little nostalgic heart just melts listening to those high school love feels! Fast forward a couple years, Trenton proposed on her 20th birthday. They were celebrating at Red Lobster (their fav place!) and he excused himself to the bathroom. As he was coming back, Deiliz saw the server recording as she was eating her salad and she said was thinking "OH MY GOSH I can’t believe this is finally happening!" They told me it was definitely the best day ever! Eeeek I can't wait to photograph their beautiful wedding in Wisconsin this fall!

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