Aubrie + Dennis

Chicago Skyline Engagement Session

“My biggest fear before hiring Hayley was the distance!!! It was basically what you would call a destination engagement session. We were traveling to Chicago and wanted to have a shoot. I went out on a whim after seeing her Instagram page (I fell in love with her photography style) and contacted her for availability. I had no idea what to expect & feared that she wasn’t going to 1) show up or 2) not capture the photos we envisioned for the session. Lucky for us, neither of those two things happened!

There were honestly so many things that we loved about working with Hayley, so it’s hard to pick just one! But first things first, it’s always nice to be comfortable with the photographer you’re working with; so we were happy that we got the chance to actually meet and grab a drink before the session. It helped by getting to know each other & made the vibe feel more relaxed. We also LOVED all the prompts that Hayley had us do. It may have looked or felt silly, but we had such a great time & the photos came out wayyyy better than you’d picture it in your mind! But the one thing that I loved about working with Hayley was that she really listened to what you wanted. We wore particular shoes that we had to have in our photos, so she figured out a way to get THE SHOT and she wasn’t afraid of trying different angles to see what would look the best.

If I were to recommend Hayley to my best friend, I would say to book a session with her because you won’t regret it! It felt more like some friends hanging out than it did a professional photo shoot. (Which I love, because we don’t like that kind of “attention” to begin with). You can tell that she has a passion for what she does, and her work is hands down worth every penny!” - Aubrie + Dennis

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