March 25, 2018

Antelope Island Couple Session | Karlie + Taylor

OMG when Karlie + Taylor told me they were willing to drive a couple hours to Antelope Island to shoot with me at 8am.. I was SO STOKED! I told them it was one of my dream locations and they went there for me in a heartbeat! None of us had been there before so we got to the island and explored a little first. We saw bison, antelopes and hares.. it was so beautiful there! I think it was pretty darn cool to have bison photobombing us. When we did this session, Karlie + Taylor had been married for about a year and a half. They were so playful and sweet to each other - they compliment each other so well. What was even better was that they brought their rescued baby, Bo! He was the cutest little pup and loved watching the bison in the distance. It is the best when my couples fully trust me and my vision to make it an amazing session! That is a huge compliment to me and I couldn't thank Karlie + Taylor enough for exploring Antelope Island with me! 

“Hayley is an absolute DREAM to work with. She is a blast to be around and made the process so easy. Her talents astound me still and I have literally printed almost every picture she took because I want to save them forever. If you want someone who takes incredible pictures, is great at finding natural poses and making the whole process an enjoyable time, Hayley is your girl.” - Karlie & Taylor

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